Friend in need is …

August 14, 2006

Friend indeed.. we always hear this right? How to find that friend at times when you badly need him/her? We do call them if we have phone number, or if we know the address, we visit them. Most often than not, both phone numbers and address change, and chances are that both might not have met for years to exchange this information.

Most unfortunate thing is that we will not know if that friend can help you, because we do not know his network. So small chit chat every now and then is what is required most of the times.

It so happened that the other day when I was looking for vendors to furnish my new office, computers and hiring people, I happen to talk to my friend casually and realized within minutes that he can find everything I am looking for, at affordable prices sometimes much cheaper!

Point to note is, he is not net savvy and his social network is most of the times offline than online. It is not just him, its the same case with many of my friends and they prefer it that way. How can today’s social networks help these offline networks? What are the ways one can find that friend at times of need?